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Agriculture is an area where technology is mostly explored on the surface, inspite of its scope being limitless. MyCrop believes technology can revolutionise the way farming is done.

Big Data

Big Data

Farming the Hadoop Way!

MyCrop provides crisp actionable insights to meet the ever-growing demand for food by using Big Data technology.

It analyses huge chunks of farm data on multiple parameters, and integrates it with local agricultural knowledge extracted from multiple sources.

The relevant information forms the basis for the insights, which reaches the farmers in a customised form suiting individual needs, ensuring that the optimum yield is achieved.

Capturing the Information In and Around!

MyCrop provides real-time analytics using advanced sensors to monitor the progress of the farms.

It studies NPK value and moisture percentage in the soil to derive its nutrient value.

It creates a virtual geographic boundary to map the land, aiding in effective integration with the autonomous vehicles.

It provides real-time information about the weather conditions in the local area.



 Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Automation of Farming for Precision Agriculture!

MyCrop aims to use autonomous vehicles such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), and drones to build an Intelligent System of Systems.

These vehicles seamlessly integrate with the system utilising the MyCrop platform for serving smallholder farmers in an economic way.

Curating the Optimum Farm Plans!

MyCrop designs the Intelligent Algorithm System, which uses the data on weather, land, input specifications, pest, and local agriculture customs to generate recommendations specific to each farm.

These recommendations reach the farmers through Farmer Mitras’ in the form of a Farm Plan.

Intelligent Algorithms

Intelligent Algorithms


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