Changing The World, One Farmer At A Time

Farmers need action points for their field, and updated information for enhancement in their knowledge! MyCrop provides solutions to suit farmer’s needs and requirements in the form of a Farm Plan! Customised for each and every farmer!

Current crisis of smallholder farmers

Farm Plan

Farm Plan gives the smallholder farmers information about ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do’ to increase the yield. It is delivered to the Farmer Mitra and farmer using cutting-edge mobile application, and is derived using algorithm based on Big Data Analytics and Geo-positioning Techniques.

Calendar of Activities

Tailor-made farming plans unique for each crop

Best Practices

Is based on best and latest farming practices

Land Mapping

Geofencing of farms to capture data to derive required inputs

A – Z Information on Products

Info about relevant quality inputs along with recommendations

Order Management

One click order of all required inputs

Alerts and Notifications

Timely updates in form of alerts and notifications about activites


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