Helping you Unlock Potential of Technology, To be More Efficient, Sustainable and Impactful

We advise you on, what, how, where and when of technology to achieve your goals faster. Whether making incentive policy or sales model for farmers our technology and domain expertise will have a positive impact on the outcome.



More responsive Government Bodies!

We view food security and farmer welfare as a key to the sustainable inclusive growth of emerging economies. Acting as a strategic advisor, we aid local, provincial and federal government bodies in chalking out smart strategies and rolling out specific data-driven policies by leveraging technology to enable our food growers more effectively.

Economic viability for Finance and Insurance Companies!

We are poised to solve the age old problem of bankability of farmers. As the financial needs of every farmer are different, we help you leverage technology to create and get the data metrics which would add value to your services while at the same time advise you on curating new schemes and plans to engage with farmers in a better way.

Finance Companies

Big Data

Input Companies


Better aligned Agriculture Input Companies!

We believe in the optimum and effective use and delivery of agriculture input products for driving Sustainable and Profitable Agriculture. We assist you in strategic data gathering of usage patterns and farmer activities and help you in leveraging technology to develop better and more specific products which can be targeted towards specific areas and focused group of farmers.

Increased reach of Extension Service Providers!

We strongly support the notion of Smart Farming to uplift our farmers by making them grow more with less. We aid you in curating intelligent strategies for delivering customized, actionable, real-time, smart extension services delivered to each individual farmer more efficiently by leveraging state of the art technologies.

Extension Service Providers

Machine Learning



Real-time visibility for NGOs and Development Agencies!

We see a big potential in optimizing delivery of development services to farmers. We combine technology expertise and business intelligence to advice you for implementing your projects more efficiently, benchmark them more rigorously and hence deliver the envisaged benefits to the targeted audience.

Easy last mile access for Value Chain Players!

We are convinced that the concept of Sustainable Farming and Precision Agriculture are key for healthier food. We assist you to work through diverse agriculture supply chains by using technology to alleviate your risks and barriers as well as in real-time efficient tracking and tracing in order to optimize your services.

Commodity Buyers

Artificial Intelligence

Common Services

We assist you in creating a data-driven organization by leveraging Big Data and delivering insights in actionable manner.

We help you to engage with the farmers, value chain players and partners more effectively using UX, GIS and Com Technology.

We advise you to deploy Blockchain to make engagement with stakeholders more trusted and transparent.

We optimize your delivery using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to serve all touch points holistically.


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