Changing The World, One Farmer At A Time

MyCrop is a collaborative platform, which creates an ecosystem enabled by state-of-the-art technology, to empower the farmers through Farmer Mitras delivering them information, expertise, and resources. Holistically, MyCrop aims to uplift the farmers’ lives and better their standard of living by increasing their productivity and profitability.


Cutting-edge Technology

Connecting the Dots through Cutting-edge Technology!

The need of the hour is holistic solution, which is exactly what MyCrop provides through smart combination of Big Data, Sensors, Drones, UAVs and UGVs, and Intelligent Algorithms to collect the data, analyse it, and provide it to farmers in the simplest way possible, i.e. directing them about their ‘next step’.

Simple solutions achieving maximum output!

Enabling and Empowering the farmers through Innovative Ecosystem!

MyCrop builds an ecosystem which comprises of stakeholders — input companies, buyer companies, NGOs, finance institutions, government bodies, and extension service providers to empower the farmers and increase the productivity. It is a platform where people can come together, work in synergy, and produce sheer brilliance from the fields.

Integrating the existing ideas with novelty!


Focused Human Entrepreneurs

Creating Value and Wealth through Village Level Entrepreneurs!

MyCrop builds the Village Level Entrepreneurs i.e. the Farmer Mitra’s or the friends of the farmers from the young and middle-aged farmers in the village, assuring their financial sustainability along with earning a good name among the villagers. These Farmer Mitra’s connect the farmers to MyCrop, and establish a strong bond between the two.

Creating good bonds through focused efforts!

Our Partners

MyCrop welcomes partners to work in synergy, and create a change!


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